Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ken Jakes' concern about Patricia Heim. Reply to Barbara Outhier.

by Ken Jakes

Barbara Outhier, I, like you, usually don't respond to blogs.  I, like you, normally read them and move on.  However, I do want to comment on your comment.

You talk about facts, so let me just give one that I noticed on March 21 at the Election Commission. I stayed for the entire Meeting. When it came to the Voter Fraud section of the meeting it was discussed that one individual using similar names but different social security numbers had registered to vote twice. This was not a simple error. In my opinion, this is as clear as it gets to Voter Fraud. Steve Abernathy made a motion to send that case to the District Attorney for prosecution. His motion failed for the lack of a second of the motion.

The Election Commission is charged with the responsibility of sending Voter Fraud to the DA; not the prosecution. It was discussed among the Commissioners that the DA will not prosecute Voter Fraud. If the DA will not prosecute, then the people can and should vote him out of office when the time comes before them. Why did Patricia Heim not second the motion and vote to send this Blatant Voter Fraud to the DA for prosecution?

I, like you, consider myself a true conservative Republican but I will never place party over my principals. I realize that my response to your blog is not politically correct and the politically correct thing to do is just do as usual and not respond, but I have a conscience as well and it just will not let me not respond.

I will not list what I have done, doing now, and will do in the future for the Republican party. That issue to me was not about party, it was about being an American.

Hoping you, like I, continue working for the Party because there is plenty of work to do.

Ken Jakes is a citizen activist discovering and exposing government corruption and waste. He is a former and probably future candidate for public office.

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