Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tennessee Tea Party to Shut Down

Tami Kilmarx, President of the Tennessee Tea Party today stunned members and supporters by announcing that she was resigning as President of Tennessee Tea Party and closing down the organization. "Within the next couple of weeks," say Tami, "Tennessee Tea Party will be no more; our website and facebook page will be shut down. Our email accounts will be closed. There will be no more notifications from Tennessee Tea Party."

Tami reveals that despite her hard work on behalf of  the Tea Party movement that she has always had reservations that the Tea Party was the vehicle to fix what is wrong with our county. "Out of our initial concerns (when first joining the tea party movement) for the obvious declines we observed in our country and world, the level of depravity we were witnessing in all aspects of our culture, the tea party did not seem to be, in its initial phases, the vehicle that would move our country where it needed to be moved…..back into a healthy relationship with God the Father, the Lord God who led this country in the beginning and who remains to lead her now."

Tami says she is not turning her back on the grassroots movement that is the Tea Party but "we do turn our backs on is the growing sense that government can make the enormous sea-change required now, ..... and the buy-in of many tea parties to a Republican Party that has not held to its conservative principles and continues to abuse its privileges and place in our government."

Tami states that she and her husband Robert will be devoting their energies to the  Black Robe Regiment, Salt and Light Institute, and Genesis Events. The Black Robe Regiment "is a resource and networking entity where church leaders and laypeople can network and educate themselves as to our biblical responsibility to stand up for our Lord and Savior and to protect the freedoms and liberties granted to a moral people in the divinely inspired US Constitution." The Salt and Light institute is "a non denominational, non sectarian institute dedicated to providing foundational education opportunities  consistent with God's Word," And,  Genesis Events is a for-profit event coordinator and management team, owned and operated by Tami Kilmarx.

To read the complete statement follow this link before the Tennessee Tea Party website is taken down. 

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