Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Tennessee House Redistricting Plan Unveiled. See the New Map!

  • Rep. Mike Stewart and Rep. Sherry Jones, both Democrats, will be in the same district!
  • A new Republican leaning district* is created in Davidson County with no incumbent!
  • Republicans may pick up as many as nine new seats Statewide next term!
* One source called the new district "republican leaning," the other described it as a African-American and Hispanic majority district in South Nashville.

I have always thought Republicans should be fair in the redistricting process.  They should be as fair as the Democrats have been for the last hundred and thirty years.

To read more, click here and here and here.  If you want to be an expert on House redistricting and know all there is to know click here.

Here is the current House District map for  Davidson County. Here is the proposed House District map for Davidson County

Here are the current Davidson County House members:
Gary Moore 50
Mike Turner 51
Mike Stewart 52
Janice Sontany 53
Brenda Gilmore 54
Gary Odum  55
Beth Harwll 56
Mary Pruitt 58
Sherry Jones 59
Jim Gotto 60

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