Saturday, January 07, 2012

Pipeline would create jobs, stem unstable imports

Dave Patterson
by Dave Patterson, The Tennessean, January 7, 2012

At a time when we are again facing threats of a disruption of Middle Eastern oil supplies — this time from Iran — it would be wise to remember that Canadian oil would help us reduce our dependence on oil from unstable regions.

We know that U.S. consumers will need more oil for the foreseeable decades. The only question is whether it will be Canadian oil that is processed by American workers in U.S. refineries (among the most efficient in the world) for U.S. consumers — or by refineries elsewhere with less-stringent standards.

It would make no sense to have Canadian oil go to distant countries while our country continues to import oil from faraway producers. That would not benefit the environment — and neither would it be good for consumers and our economic recovery. (link)

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