Saturday, December 03, 2011

I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE'S GONNA PAY FOR ME & MY KIDS!!!

This is sad and angering. It is angering that a 37 year old women has had 15 children. It is not that people don't know what causes babies. It is not something in the water. It is sad that someone can be a single women and have 15 children and three babbydaddys and not have a sense of shame.

This is an extreme case but the attitude that "somebody needs to pay for all my children" is all too common. With 72% of all black children born out of wedlock something is seriously wrong.

Did the system fail Angel? Yes, but not in the way that Angel thinks. Society failed Angel and her 15 children when society removed the stigma from single motherhood and made single motherhood a badge of honor.

The system failed her when it created a mentality that one is not responsible for their own welfare but society is responsible.

The problem of institutional, multigenerational poverty goes on and on. Along with it is multigenerational single motherhood and irresponsible fathers and men engaging in a life of crime and spending a large part of their life in prison. For children to drop out of school, girls to have their first baby at age 16 and for boys to become criminals at a young age and to face a life of poverty and hopelessness is the expectation and the norm. We have tried welfare, and the Great Society and we had made the problem worse, not better. It seems the more we subsidize poverty the more of it we get. The more we relieve people of responsibility the more irresponsible they become.

For a short period of time, before backtracking, we experimented with welfare reform and it was showing progress. We need to double the effort to end the welfare system and we need to make it a crime to not care for your children and we need to bring back orphanages. We need to apply some tough love to the problem of poverty.

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  1. Rod, while it is absolutely ridiculous that any woman would want to have 15 children, I will have to agree with some of her points of view. 1. It is my business alone if I am pregnant. And this judge put her in custody and removed her children because she did not answer this question? 2. The entire concept of Child Services, Not Department of Human Services, is fundamentally flawed at the core. Comprised of under qualified individuals with no experience or children of their own allowed to make decisions about you without allowing you an opportunity in court to defend yourself. That is constitutionally wrong. 3. She appears to WANT to care for her children (whether she can support them is something else). But the State seems to be making her jump through hoops, which she may not have the resources to fulfill. 4. Her sister stated she was able to care for the children properly BEFORE the State involved itself. Furthermore, the sister wrapped it all up with "we are all tired" referring to the State's involvement. 5. If my children were calling someone else Mom/Mother, I too may loudly object.

    It is stupid to have had that many children without proper means to care for them. Just stupid. And stupid that she does not have the older children caring for the younger ones so she can work two or three jobs to care for them.

    What a complex failures of multiple government systems and decision making by this woman. Fail Fail Fail.