Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fraud rate of 76% in "Free" Phone Program for Poor

I am stealing the below story word for word from Taxing Tennessee.
Who would have expected it?
In most states, the companies that offer the phones are also responsible for overseeing the program, leading to charges that the government is letting the foxes guard the henhouse. Considering that these companies are paid as much as $10 per month for each person in the program, some critics say it’s actually to their benefit if customers sign up more than once.

The results of a Government Accountability Office fraud investigation reinforce that point of view. Only 5% of Lifeline providers have been audited so far, but 76% of those audits have already discovered fraud.Link
My Comment: When one can get public housing or Section 8, food stamps, TnCare, Families First, a tax "refund" by claiming earnings that did not really occur, and a free cell phone, then to stop being poor is too expensive. Is it any wonder that so many people stay in poverty? When you can get all of your needs met by being poor it is scary to try to stop being poor. The poor are slaves on the welfare plantation, bought and paid for by the Democratic Party.  Rod 

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