Thursday, June 30, 2011

Central Labor Council Endorsements for Metro Council

The Central Labor Council has released their list of Council endorsements.  There are no surprises. A candidate endorsed by the Central Labor Council probably promised to support prevailing wage and living wage and advocates increased government spending. I have not seen the questionnaires and am not privy to the questions asked in the interview so I do not know that for certain, but an endorsement by the Central Labor Council is not a good recommendation as far as I am concerned.

Below is the list of endorsement:

Mayor                          Karl Dean
Vice-Mayor                   Diane Neighbors
Council-at-large            Megan Barry                       
Council-at-large            Tim Garrett           
Council-at-large            Jerry Maynard                       
Council-at-large            Ronnie Steine                       
Council-at-large            Vivian Wilhoite   

District 1    Lonnell Matthews Jr.
District 2    Frank Harrison
District 3    Walter Hunt
District 4    Brady Banks
District 5    Scott Davis
District 6    No endorsement
District 7    Anthony Davis
District 7    Randy Reed
District 8    Nancy Van Reece
District 9    No endorsement
District 10  Doug Pardue
District 11  Darren Jernigan
District 12  No endorsement
District 13  Marilyn Robinson
District 14  James Bruce Stanley
District 15  No endorsement
District 16  Anna Page
District 17  Sandra Moore
District 18  Burkley Allen
District 18  David Glasgow
District 19  Erica Gilmore
District 20  Buddy Baker
District 21  Edith Langster
District 22  Seanna Brandmeir
District 23  No endorsement
District 24  Jason Holleman
District 25  Sean McGuire
District 26  Chris Harmon
District 27  No endorsement
District 28  Tanaka Vercher
District 29   Karen Johnson
District 30  No endorsement
District 31  Fabian Bedne
District 32  Markeith Braden

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