Saturday, February 26, 2011

DCRP supports end to public school collective bargaining

On February 22, the Executive Committee of the Davidson County Republican Party passed a resolution supporting Senate Bill 113 which would prohibit collective bargaining between teacher unions and local school boards. Below is the text of the resolution:
WHEREAS it is the goal of the Republican Party to increase freedom, reduce government and improve efficiency of the limited but needed services government provides.
WHEREAS recent events in Wisconsin have demonstrated the danger of unchecked power by public employee unions.
WHEREAS Tennessee faces a budget deficit exceeding one billion dollars.
WHEREAS union support for liberal candidates in the legislature has led to increases in pay, benefits and retirement for members of the Tennessee Education Association that hinder the ability of government to seek cost effective reforms that put students first.
WHEREAS the TEA is designed around the organizing principle of maintaining union power rather than seeking the input of individual teachers to promote the best methods to educate children.
WHEREAS local school boards should have the freedom to refuse to negotiate with unions if they feel it is in the best interest of the student.
WHEREAS Tennessee’s teachers are compelled to join the TEA regardless of their agreement with established union policies and positions.
BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Davidson County Republican Party commends the Tennessee Senate Education Committee for passage of Senate Bill 113, dissolving mandatory collective bargaining in Tennessee’s public school systems.
BE IT FURTHER RESOVLED that the Davidson County Republican Party endorses and strongly urges passage of the House companion bill, HB130, in its current form.
BE IT FURTHER RESOVLED that the Davidson County Republican Party expresses gratitude to Senator Jack Johnson and Representative Debra Maggart for their efforts in improving education in Tennessee.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Executive Committee of the Davidson County Republican Party directs the Chairman to transmit this statement of support to Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey, Speaker Beth Harwell and the leadership of the House and Senate Education Committees.

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  1. Although i doubt that my commets will actually make it to the blog I will answer anyway. If the Relpublician Party is going to go to the trouble to pass a resolution it would be more impressive if they got their facts straight. No one is required to join TEA. To state that TEA is formed around maintaining union power rather than to seek imput from teacher on methods is an opinion and one not based on fact. School Boards cannot negotiate pay or benefits that they cannot pay for as noted that most teachers have not seen a pay raise from their local board for several years. If the Republican Party believe that school boards need freedom from unions for the benefit of students would they also support teachers by holding students accountable for their part in their education as well as parents. Would they support teachers by demanding that students who prevent teachers from teaching and other students from learning be held accountable and diciplined. I will be waiting for these resolutions. By the way not that it is important but i am a republican who is now questioning why?