Saturday, November 13, 2010

Metro Council Candidates Workshop

If anyone is considering running for the Metro Council, I recommend you attend this workshop. Yes, I know the sponsors are labor unions and the presenter are liberal leaders and the workshop is a project of community organizers.  Nevertheless, the workshop appears to be about nuts and bolts stuff that any candidate for Metro Council needs to know. 

If you are already a conservative, I doubt spending a day at a liberal workshop will corrupt you. I suggest you leave your argumentative nature and your politics at the door and learn all you can about the operation of Metro Government. At only $20 a person, including a box lunch, you are not going to be enriching the oppositions by attending this workshop so don't feel guilty about paying the modest fee.  In addition to what you might learn at this workshop about the function and operation of Metro Government, you will better know your opposition by attending.

Also you may make some contracts that would support you in your campaign. While many neighborhood organizations have been co-opted by liberals, not all neighborhood leaders are liberal. While we may think of unions such as MNEA and firefighters and FOP as being liberal, you may be surprised to find that sometimes you can compete for their support  without compromising your values or at least your may be able to keep them from endorsing your opponent. 

This looks like good training for anyone thinking about running for the Metro Council.

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