Sunday, September 21, 2008

Did William Ayers Launch Obama's Political Career?

I was hesitant to post this video. Anybody can post a video on Youtube; that doesn’t make it true. I do not want to be guilty of character assignations or spreading smear attacks. I don’t know the truth of these allegations. Maybe, Ayers was just “a guy in the neighborhood.” Maybe Obama does “know thousands of people” and Ayers is just one of the people he knows.

Did Ayers give Obama the job as Director of the Annenberg Challenge? Did Ayers launch Obama’s political career? How close are Ayers and Obama? I don’t know. However, these charges are so serious and there seems to be sufficient evidence to support the charges that I would like to see some responsible journalist investigate the charges and either confirm or refute them.

To be fair, candidates raise lots of money from lots of sources. Does taking money from a disreputable person taint you? People may support a candidate; that does not mean the candidate supports those people. You may sit on a board of an organization with a disreputable, despicable person and that does not make you friends with them. There is an old adage that says, “you are known by the company you keep.” How much truth is in that?

How close of a relationship do you have to have with someone before it should be an issue? If a Republican candidate for President had had his career launched by an unrepentant former founder of a White supremacist militia-type organization that had committed acts of terror, but who is now a successful respected businessman, would that and should that be an issue in that candidates fitness for office?

Ayers was the founder of one of the most violent terrorist organizations in America’s history. The Weather Underground declared war on the United States, urged kids to kill their parents, bombed buildings and killed people, robbed banks, and committed other terrorist acts. Ayers is unrepentant. He says they did not bomb enough. We know Ayers and Obama had some sort of relationship. Before Obama is elected President, I would like to know the nature of that relationship. I think the public has a right to know.

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  1. This is dated 2/19/08:

    The link mentions Obama's connection as tenuous at best. But to answer your question, if that should be considered valid, then so would this connection between Ayers and Republican Gov. Mark Sanford:

    So no, I don't believe it does. And as I've stated earlier, we have too many real issues that need to be addressed in this country to focus on a loose association that does illuminate anything about his character, in my opinion.

  2. "than to focus on a loose association that doesn't..."

    sorry, hit the wrong button.

  3. "Independent" Observer says, look over here instead! But it doesn't really matter. Connections to terrorists aren't important.

    Wait, what?

  4. I am so disgusted with America for being so gullable and uneducated. This election was so very important and despite the publics general dislike for Bush we must not forget that Bush was not a dictator and that the House and Senate were both Democrat Majorities, so he did not act alone. We have checks and balanaces in our Government.
    okay where was I? Oh yes, all these Americans who I am sure really don't even know why they were so enthralled with Obama, but acted as if he were "The BEatles" when they first came out (you know screaming, fainting at their sight, the rock star syndrome) Blinded to the truth and a truth they never bothered to seek. His political career was insignificant. His Senate record for voting was a joke and not even worthy of his getting re elected as a Senator much less President. Yes, I suppose he is educated, but something just does not make sense here. His "coming out" party (fundraiser) was kicked off in William Ayers living room??? Who's fault is that? The US GOvernment. Why? For not locking that SOB up when they caught him. He is a loon. Planning, executing terrorist acts on America. Is he not a citizen? Others have been locked up for less and the key thrown away. He should have been made an example of and jailed for life. I would consider him to be a DEFINATE THREAT. However, these terror minded individuals never really change. They may however change their approach, but they never lose sight of their goals. Are you following me here? So Obamas career began after his meeting and workjing with Ayers. They must be somewhat like minded to work together on different areas and I would venture to bet that Ayers saw Obama as his "different approach". Obama has become Ayers puppet so to speak. This is how AYers plans on excecuting his agenda for America. He obviously learned his lesson and is no longer so much a radical, but new strategy is sneak in the backdoor at the right time and walah. . . implement your socialist and your radical unAmerican ideas. He is patient and calculated. Smart for learning the vertue of patience. They are still a team and I believe that Obama could not even possibly aspire to have all these ideas and answers for our woes. He is NOT EXPERIENCED ENOUGH, HE IS WET BEHIND THE EARS AND IF HE WERE SO CONCERNED ABOUT THIS COUNTRY HE WOULD HAVE AT LEAST VOTED IN THE SENATE INSTEAD OF VOTING "NOT VOTING". What in the hell is that? No he is the public puppet and I believe that this plot has been in the works for decades and conjured up by an intellegent but unAMerican radical who has been planning this shindig for along, long time. Obama is only smart sounding when he is reading a script. Notice what he says without the teleprompter? Jay LEno, ect. Foot in mouth. Early in the campaign he wouldn't even salute the flag of the country he is running for President in?? Didn't wear a flag, wasn't a Christian?? Then ALL OF A SUDDEN when an issue was made. . . he just did it for looks. Remember when he was being sworn in and how he kept screwing up while his hand was on the Bible? Did you know that they did it over later in private and the Bible was not used? Hmmm. I believe that we as a nation have got to wake up and turn off the Boob Tube and stop being so lazy. You are looking for someone to answer and fix your problems for you. That is your responsibilty not some overspending, unAmerican, Islamic, Socialist who hangs with terror organizations and smokes weed. Hello. Whenever something negative (which is usually the truth) is brought up people get so weirded out. Oh it's because he is black. Your just prejudice. Ignorant respnses from ignorant people. Are you happy now AMerica? You have been DOOPED. I don't think that you even care as long as you are taken care of. Yikes. To those who agree with me, pray to God that the truth concerning this man and this ordeal will be exposed for all to see the truth. If I am wrong, I am truly sorry, but I know that something is up here and that things are not always as they appear.