Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama: Who Are You?

"Watching Barack Obama over the last two years has left me absolutely stymied over who he is or what he believes. If you try to be everything, you don't stand for anything."

This video questions who is the real Obama. It is amazing the number of "clarifications" and flip-flops Omaba has been able to do and yet hang on to his supporters. I like the Obama that says he would get out of Iraq responsibly better than I liked the Obama who was calling for an immediate withdrawal and who opposed the surge. The current Obama seems like a much more reasonable, sensible, cautious, moderate guy than that Obama who was running against Hillary Clinton. That other Obama seemed a lot closer to Bill Richardson or Dennis Kucinish than the new Obama. The thing that amasses me is that Omaba can move this fast and this far toward the center without the left feeling betrayed.

Is it all personality, a promise of change, celebrity, and charisma or is their any substance to Obama? He has no record or experience. He has not sponsored any significant legislation. He votes dependably liberal but has not taken the leadership on any issues. He has not championed any cause. What will we get if the country elects Senator Obama President? I really don't know if he will be a champion of liberal causes or govern from the center as a competent do-nothing administrator, or perhaps an incompetent do-nothing administrator. Maybe we will learn more in the debates, but for now I can not help but wonder if he is just an empty suit with no convictions. Of course from my prospective, if he is elected, I hope he is a competent administrator with no passionate convictions.

With no record and a press that treats him with respectful deference it is hard to know who he really is. He is hard to pin down. Dare I say that electing Obama would be like buying a pig in a poke?

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