Friday, July 20, 2007

Al Gore's Chilian Bass Dinner Party was "Green" After all.

Pity poor Al Gore. It is tough being a prophet; everyone wants to see if you have feet of clay. Looking for any inconsistency by Gore to justify their dismissal of his global warming message, people even look to see what he is eating. Talk radio and the Internet were full of stories that he served endangered Chilean Sea Bass at his daughters' wedding party.
Well, it turns out he was serving an endangered species but the Chilean Sea Bass he served were farm-raised and did not endanger the endangered species.

Even if we do find that Mr. Gore is not "Mr. Green" in some of his personal behaviour, that should not invalidate the message. Bill Bennett wrote a book called "Book of Virtues", and then we discover that he is a high stakes gambler, hardly a virtuous activity. I resent being lectured to about conserving by people who fly private jets and consume more carbon fuel in a day than I will in a year. And, I resent being told to be virtuous by a high-stakes gambler. But the message is no less valid, because the messenger is flawed.

This time, Al was vindicated. The original story got a lot more attention than the follow-up that proved he was eating "green" after all. Those who jumped on Al ought to help set the record straight, but I won't be holding my breath.
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