Thursday, July 11, 2024

The Nashville Public Library Promotes Transgenderism among Children. Your Tax Dollars at Work.

by Rod Williams, June 29, 2024- I had occasion to go to the main Public Library downtown today and found the lobby had been devoted to celebrating Pride month. Many of the displays were aimed toward promoting transgenderism of among children. Below are pictures. 

Recently, I posted an essay critical of Tennessee Stands and and Gary Humble for equating Pride celebrations to Domestic Terrorism. I stand by that essay. I condemn spreading intolerance and hate. I kind of take a live and let live approach. Liberty means tolerating a lot of actions and opinions with which you may disagree. 

However, I object to using public funds to spread propaganda promoting transgenderism among young people.  If I private bookstore wanted to have these displays then I would think government ought to stay out of it and the private bookstore has the right to do what they want. If a private bookstore wants to have drag queen story hour, then I support their right to do so; if a public library wants to have a drag queen story hour, I object. 

When the government does something, they are doing it with my tax dollars and in my name. I object. 

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