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The 25th Amendment Should be Invoked to Remove Biden from Office.

by Rod Williams, June 29, 2024 - Now the whole world knows that Joe Biden is a senile old man who is incapable of fulfilling the duties of the office of president, where does that leave us?

The Democrats could replace Biden if he would agree to decline the nomination and voluntarily release his delegates. Even if he does agree to step aside, the window for replacing him is short. Even if Biden agrees to release his delegates and let the convention chose a candidate, it would be difficult. Some state laws would conflict with Party rules and replacing Biden as the candidate and releasing the delegates would not automatically remove Biden from the ballot everywhere. And if Biden is not persuaded to voluntarily step aside, it will prove even more difficult, almost impossible, to replace him. 

If Biden agrees to step aside and the conventions chooses a new nominee, who would it be? Kamala Harris is not well liked. She could not win. It will not be Kamala. At first glance Gavin Newsome of California has the good looks to be an attractive candidate, but California is a basket case. The high taxes, over regulation, corporations fleeing the state, income inequality, homelessness, and crime would be highlighted. There is a lot of fodder for destroying a Newsom candidacy. I don't think people would want the rest of the country to become a copy of California. Newsoms star would fade quickly. Maybe there is a dark horse candidate that could emerge that could have potential of attracting support, but I don't know who it would be, and the time is almost too short for even the perfect candidate to gain traction. 

The Democrats have been insisting that Donald Trump is an existential threat to democracy. I accept that. I also believe he is. However, I am beginning to question if Democrat leaders really believe it. If so, why did they not tell the truth about Biden's condition and find a viable candidate to challenge Trump. Democrat leaders and their allies in the media have covered up Biden's condition and left us with a senile candidate who should not be trusted to take care of himself, let alone be in control of America's nuclear arsenal and conduct the affairs of the nation. Biden needs to be in a nice assisted living facility; not the White House and those in the know, knew it.

I will never vote for Donald Trump again. January 6th was only one day, but the effort to overturn election results started on November 3rd, 2020 before the polls closed. Trump and his surrogates plotted to overturn the election results, pressured election officials to find votes for Trump, put up fake electors and called a mob to the capital to "stop the steal."  Trump is "practically and morally responsible” for the Capitol insurrection. He deserves to be in jail, not back in the oval office.

Unfortunately, at this point Donald J. Trump will again be the next President.  I don't see how he can be stopped. You can't defeat somebody with nobody, and Joe Biden is out for lunch and might as well be a nobody. All I can think of to do is simply hope and pray that Trump will not be as bad as he could be for our country. We will just have to wait and see how he governs and hope that in fact he does not become a dictator. 

While we wait and hope and pray, that means that for now, Joe Biden is still the man in charge and that is scary. We should deal with this now.

The twenty-fifth amendment to the constitution deals with presidential succession and disability. Section four of the 25th says that if the Vice President and a majority of the cabinet declare in a written declaration to Congress that the President is unable to discharge his duties, immediately the vice president becomes acting president. They should do it. I do not want Kamala Harris to be president, but at least she is not mentally incapacitated. If the VP and cabinet will not do it on their one initiative, Congress should pass a resolution asking that the VP and cabinet invoke the 25th. Joe Biden should not only not serve another term, but he should not be allowed to complete this term. 

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