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Marsha Blackburn scores as 7th most conservative Senator by CPAC, for what it's worth.

by Rod Williams, May 26, 2004- CPAC has issued their ratings of members of Congress and Tennessee's Senator Marsha Blacburn has garnered a score of 93, making her the 7th most conservative member of Congress according to the organization. That means she got the Award of Excellence, reserved for those scoring 90% or betting from CPAC. Senator Hagerty barely missed that award, scoring only an 89%.

CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Committee which was the name of the conference of the American Conservative Union, but in recent years the organization has started referring to itself as CPAC instead of ACU.  ACU/CPAC has produced a ranking of members of Congress 53 years. 

It used to be that I depended on the ACU as a guide in telling me which were the members of congress who were the most aligned with my values. Not so much, anymore. Since CPAC has gone fully Trumpinista I no longer assume that a high ranking from the organization indicates someone aligns with my values. 

I could do a deep dive and look at the list of bills included in the CPAC package of bills that determine a Senators score, however, I don't care enough to do so.  When an organization thinks attempting to prevent the peaceful transfer of power is a positive thing, I don't much care what else the organization has to say. 

When an organization thinks that voting against giving Ukraine the means to defend themselves against Russian aggression, is a good vote, I don't much care what else they have to say.

In the House, Tennessee's Tim Burchett, Scott Desjarlais, Mark Green, Andy Ogles, and Diana Harshbarger where recipients of the Award of Excellent for being among those with the highest CPAC ranking.  I am not impressed. 

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  1. You made a really good point, I think during our dinner together with Mark, that these scoreboards have simply become a measure of scoring compliance with Donald Trump/MAGA and not necessarily what we know as conservative positions. In ACU/CPAC hands, conservatism has been transformed from a set of principles to fawning loyalty - cultism. My view is that they haven't transformed conservatISM but they have certainly transformed the conservatIVE movement. Still, quite sad.