Tuesday, May 28, 2024

In light of the Biden Plot to Assassinate Trump, does Trump not Need to Provide for his own Security?

by Rod Williams, May 28, 2024- Recently former President Trump claimed that President Biden authorized the use of lethal force in connection with the FBI’s execution of a court-authorized search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. The FBI was going to kill him during that raid. 

All search warrants involve the possibility of forced entry and all of them involve police seizures of property, if what they are searching for is found.  Executing a search warrant can subject the officers executing the warrant to risk. In some instances, the person against whom the search warrant is issued may put up armed resistance or in some cases the people inside the premises may mistakenly believe it is criminals coming to rob their stash rather than the police. 

As a result of the risk and as a matter of common sense, the FBI always has an operational plan for carrying out a court-authorized search. The plan has boilerplate language that reminds the search team of the FBI’s use-of-force policies. Trump took this standard search warrant language and claimed it was instruction to kill him.

I know this is weird, but nothing is too weird for Donald J. Trump and his followers. This is the kind of stuff Trump cultist, which unfortunately are most Republicans, eat up. They really believe this about America. They believe that the Deep State is so evil, and they have such distrust of our institutions, that they believe the FBI could be used to assassinate Donald Trump.

If President Biden really aims to have Trump killed, it seems like there would be easier ways to do it than shooting him during a search warrant raid. If Trump really believes he is at risk of a Biden authorized assassination, why does Trump expose himself to that risk every day?  Why would Trump accept Secret Service protection? 

The Secret Service is under the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland Security is an executive branch organization. If Biden wanted Trump killed and that was the world we live in, would it not be better to have the Secret Service carry out the mission? They have round-the-clock access to candidate Trump. They provide security as he travels and at his rallies and at his home. It would be so easy to fake an assassination, or better yet a mishap, or slip poison into his beverage. 

It seems ludicrous that believing he is the target of a Biden assassination plot, that Trump would accept protection from the Secret Service. Believing he is the target of a Biden assassination plan; Trump should immediately dismiss the Secret Service. 

Of course, the former president needs protection, but he needs protection from people who are loyal to him. He does not need potential assassins as his protectors. So, Trump should dismiss the Secret Service and create his own security team. Trump has established a lot of companies and knows how to organize things so establishing a team to provide his for his security should not be a problem. 

It would have to be a large team, because Trump needs people who will travel with him and guard his homes and he needs a large force at his rallies, which can draw up to a hundred thousand people. Trump needs advance Secuity teams do gather intelligence and do risk assessment to places before he visits them. He needs people to secure airports and transportation routes and buildings. Since Trump knows the Biden administration has a plan to assassinate him and he does not know where the attempt may come from, Trump can trust no other agency of government to provide for his security. Everyone may be a potential assassin. To confront such a threat, he needs a well-trained and large force.

Fielding such a large force would be expensive, but Republicans will fork over the money to protect their leader. Fielding such a large team requires a lot of people and people with absolute loyalty, but Trump should have no trouble finding the manpower. The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, I am sure, would be ready to fill the ranks.

The team needs to impress and inspire fear in anyone thinking about doing the former and future
president harm. The team needs to be able to act swiftly at rallies to remove uninvited press or troublemakers. The security force needs to send a message that Trump takes seriously any threat to himself or our country, which, in a sense, is one and the same. 

In areas of the country where constitutional carry is legal, his team should always be well-armed. In areas of the country where constitutional carry is not the law, Trump's security force could challenge the laws against constitutional carry and go armed anyway and see who will attempt to stop them. 

Trump has a flair for style and the dramatic. He would not want his Security Team to be mistaken for UPS drivers. In addition to being well-armed, the team should look sharp with crisp uniforms; shoulder patch logos and arm bands; the big leather belt with baton, cuffs, and flashlight; and, shiny leather boots. Brown shirts would be nice.

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  1. Rod, I read that this authorization to use force was from a DOJ publication which holds standards for such searches, simply authorizing deadly force; hardly a plot or direction to assassinate. Freaking Trump crazies...