Monday, April 15, 2024

The Tennessee Democratic Party really has Dropped the Pronoun Tag from its Communications.

by Rod Williams, April 15, 2024- The Tennessee Democratic Party really has dropped the practice of
using a preferred pronoun accompanying the writer's salutation signature. I get regular communications from the TNDP. I don't remember when I started getting them, but it seems like some years ago. 

I was very aware of the "he/him" tag accompanying State Chair Hendrell Remus's salutation signature. It was not only Remus who did this, but sometimes I would get a communication from some other Democrat, and they would do it do. I saw some other "he/him" and some "she/her". I don't think I ever see a "they/them." It must have been policy. Normal people don't do that. 

I was aware of it because I thought it was such a stupid, woke thing to do. I was aware of it because it indicated to me how hopelessly out of touch with average Tennesseans is the Democratic Party.  While using a pronoun tag may be cool with young hip urban progressive types who are already committed to the Democratic Party it is a turn-off to many otherwise persuadable independents and fed-up Republicans. It implies that gender is nothing but a social construct and we may be male one day and female the next (or one of the other genders), kind of like deciding if today I will wear jeans and snickers or a coat and tie- just a choice one may make depending on how you see yourself at that point in time. To people who are not already super-woke this is like hanging out a normal-folks-are-not-welcome sign. 

I first noticed the absence of the salutation pronoun tag about six weeks ago, I guess.  I thought maybe it was just an oversite, but it has been totally absent for a while now, so I am concluding it was a deliberate policy decision. The clip above is from today's email. I can't help but wonder if a candidate for a high-profile office suggested the pronoun tag be dropped and what discussions occurred leading up to the change. I wonder if the super woke and handful of trans Democrats feel betrayed. I'll be watching to see if the change stays.

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  1. It will be back after the November election.