Monday, April 15, 2024


by Rod Williams, April 15, 2024- The following alert is being forwarded from the Davidson County Republican Party. 

The bill to create an "East Bank Development Authority" (SB2968/HB2984) has been delayed in committees multiple times since we last reported on it. But the bill is still alive and currently scheduled for hearings today and tomorrow. As we previously communicated, this legislation is meant to create a board whose only voting members are appointed by the Metro Mayor and Council. It authorizes creation of a staff of undefined size and cost. This is a case of Metro government overreach and expansion at a time when the state government still has an interest in protecting the investment it made through a $500 million appropriation for the new NFL stadium, a center point of the 536 acres in question. We encourage you to reach out to the members of the committees before they meet.

The Senate Finance Committee will hear SB2968 as early as this afternoon (Monday). You can reach out to the following committee members to share your thoughts:

Chairman Bo Watson - 615-741-3227

Vice Chair John Stevens - 615-741-4576

Vice Chair Joey Hensley - 615-741-3100

Speaker Pro Temp Ferrell Haile - 615-741-1999

Majority Leader Jack Johnson - 615-741-2495

Majority Chair Ken Yager - 615-741-1449

Sen. Bill Powers - 615-741-2374

Sen. Page Walley - 615-741-2368

Sen. Dawn White - 615-741-6853

Sen. London Lamar - 615-741-2509

Sen. Jeff Yarbro - 615-741-3291


The House Local Government Committee will hear HB2984 as early as tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday). You can reach out to the following committee members:

Chairman John Crawford - 615-741-7623

Vice Chair Dave Wright - 615-741-6879

Rep. Rebecca Alexander - 615-741-2251

Rep. Jeff Burkhart - 615-741-6804

Rep. Dale Carr - 615-741-5981

Rep. Clay Doggett - 615-741-7476

Rep. Michael Hale - 615-741-2192

Rep. Esther Helton-Haynes - 615-741-1934

Rep. John Holsclaw - 615-741-7450

Rep. Harold Love Jr. - 615-741-3831

Rep. Greg Martin - 615-741-2548

Rep. Sam McKenzie - 615-741-0768

Rep. Larry Miller - 615-741-4453

Rep. Jerome Moon - 615-741-5481

Rep. Kevin Raper - 615-741-1350

Rep. Jay Reedy - 615-741-7098

Rep. Tim Rudd - 615-741-2804

Rep. Johnny Shaw - 615-741-4538

Rep. William Slater - 615-741-2534

Rep. Robert Stevens - 615-741-3830

Rep. Dwayne Thompson - 615-741-1920

Rep. Todd Warner - 615-741-4170


As always, feel free to visit one or both of these committees, or any other legislative committee or full session in person! The Cordell Hull Building and State Capitol is where YOUR legislature meets. Remind them that Nashville has more than enough expensive government already!

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