Thursday, February 29, 2024

What is NEST? Nashville's Essential Structures for Togetherness. What does it do?

by Rod Williams, Feb. 29, 2024- Change is difficult and I understand the desire of people to preserve the character of their community. However, our zoning codes have contributed to urban sprawl, crowded highways, limited housing choice, and a shortage of work force housing.  Many of our health care providers, teachers, policemen, firemen, musicians, and service industry workers have to live in places like Bethpage or Watertown because they cannot afford to live in Nashville. Young people find it difficult to buy that first "starter" home in Nashville and the elderly who may want to downsize can hardly find a smaller, more affordable home. We need to make changes to our zoning codes that will make it feasible to develop a broader range of housing types.  

To learn more about the proposed zoning changes before the Council, follow this link

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  1. You are absolutely correct. To many people coming to Tn. Therefore raising prices on everything. They can not afford CA. prices or afford to live there so they come here.