Sunday, February 18, 2024

Tennessee bill will no longer attempt to ban cold beer

 By Jon Styf | The Center Square, Feb 16, 2024 - A Tennessee caption bill that would have banned the
retail sale of refrigerated beer will no longer attempt that ban.

Rep. Ron Gant wrote that that “that was one of the many ideas discussed and considered by the many stakeholders across our state as potential item to be included in the legislation.”

Gant was involved in a fatal 2022 two-car head-on crash where the other vehicle crossed the center line and hit his vehicle, killing the other driving and leading Gant to get flown by helicopter to a Memphis hospital, the Tennessee Journal reported.

Gant previously told the Journal his goal is to create a two drink maximum for wine or mixed drinks in the state and a three-beer cap unless someone can prove they have a designated driver or alternative transportation.

Several House sponsors withdrew from House Bill 2845 before it has been assigned or heard in committee.

"I am not going to infringe on the constitutional rights of honest law abiding citizens and be unfair to certain businesses and not others, whether I agree with this idea or not, due to a few bad actors that choose to drink and drive," Gant wrote.

Rod's Comment: See Tips from the Rod Williams School for Drunk Driving

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