Saturday, January 20, 2024

Women and Pregnant People

 by Rod Williams, Jan. 20, 2024- "Until 2022, women and pregnant people had the constitutional right to an abortion; ..."

 This statement I came across while reading an article in the current issue of The Atlantic.  I had to stop and reread it.  It is beyond my comprehension that people can actually think like this. This sounds like a right-winger's caricature of a liberal; but no, it is real. 

Mind you, The Atlantic is a moderate liberal common-sense publication for the most part. It has a lot of good journalism and good analysis. The Atlantic is not Mother Jones, it is not even The New Republic. It is in the mainstream, just to the left of the middle of the political spectrum. It is a respected publication. Yet, that is the way liberals think.  After a statement like that it is hard to take seriously anything else the author says.  When the publication has an article by a staff writer who says "women and pregnant people," with a straight face, it makes me question the whole publication.  Can I take seriously anything published in The Atlantic?

I am not going to only get my news from Fox and One Nation News Network or Newsmax. I am not going to retreat to the right-wing silo. The right has crazy conspiracy theorist like Tucker Carlson and proliferation of other equally nutty Trump cultist spouting all sorts of asinine non-sense. Yet, despite all of that, they do not think anyone but a women can get pregnant.

Liberals are mystified as to the rise of Trump and the polarization in our country. There are lots of reasons for Trump and the political tribalism we witness.  Volumes could be written on what people believe and why that puts them in one camp or the other. Hell will freeze over before I ever vote for Donald Trump, but I am not that mystified as to the political divide in our country.  There are people who believe women and other people can get pregnant, and people who believe only women can get pregnant. 

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