Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Trump's attack on Nikki Haley and Americans for Prosperity

by Rod Williams, Jan. 16, 2024- Wow! Donald Trump says so many crude, untrue, nasty, bombastic, embarrassing things that one almost becomes immune to them.

Americans for Prosperity has helped elect a large number of conservatives to Congress and it has advocated for conservative causes.  To call AFP "RINO" is nuts.  

RINO no longer means what it used to. By Trumpinista standards, Ronald Reagan was a RINO. Republican in Name Only, RINO, was a term applied to less conservative Republicans.  Over time, the term became a name-calling device for anyone not in lock step with Rush Limbaugh or Shane Hannity or other loudmouth right-wing voices. It was a way to marginalize thoughtful people in the Republican Party and shut down thought and dialogue.  

Still, the term had meaning. I could guess one's views if they were called "RINO."  Now, "RINO" is a term for anyone who is not part of the Trump cult.  I would contend that the Trumpinistas are the real RINO's. However, since the Trumpinistas have captured the Party, I guess they get to define the terms. Now, when someone is called a RINO, I think "normal Republican." There is a new term that normal Republicans are applying to themselves. It is "normie."  I was beginning to embrace the term RINO to describe myself, but I like "normie" better, and it is more accurate.

As regards Trump's claim that AFP supports open borders that is simply a lie. Do you know how to tell if Trump is telling a lie? His lips are moving or his fingers are tweeting. To see AFP's position on immigration, follow this link

A normal candidate after winning such an overwhelming victory in Iowa would have respectful words to say about his vanquished opponent, but Trump is not a normal candidate.  A normal victor would think toward the general election and want his challengers' supporters to become his supporters. Trump, of course, is not a normal candidate. 

Imagine that the Republican parents of a fist grader is told by a teacher that their child called another child "Birdbrain."  I bet most of them would chastise their child and tell them it is not nice to call other people names.  Of course, the child might say, "Well, Trump called Nikki Haley "Birdbrain." A grown man calling his smart, articulate, educated, accomplished opponent, who he appointed to an important position, "Birdbrain" is beyond the pale.  A normal political leader would not do it'; but, of course, Trump is not normal. Somehow, people kind of like it. Of course, a lot of people like really crude name-calling comedy and in reality, a lot of people like bullies.

Crudeness, incivility, and impoliteness did not start with Donald Trump, but he has made it more normal. "Let it all hang out" and "tell it like it is," has been with us for a while. I always thought, however, that Republicans were more civil and well-mannered than Democrats.  Republicans were less likely to do sit-ins, block doors, shout down speakers with whom that disagreed, and chant obscenities. Well, not anymore. Republicans can be just a nasty and crude and impolite as Democrats.

Society needs rules of procedure; society needs politeness. There is a reason Senators refer to their adversaries as "the honorable."  There is a reason we have rules to conduct meetings. Manners are not phony; they are essential. If things are not done civilly, then the alternative is violence. 

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