Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Tucker Carlson or Marjorie Taylor Green?

Tucker Carlson 
Marjorie Taylor Green
by Rod Williams, Jan. 24, 2024 - Now that Trump has effectively wrapped up the Republican nomination, he needs to pick a vice presidential nominee. This time he needs to pick someone who will be loyal. He does not need to make the mistake of picking someone like Mike Pense this time.  Trump needs a loyalist for VP, not a turncoat like Mike Pense. Too much is at stake to pick someone who would put loyalty to country above loyalty to the leader. After all, if Trump is the leader, loyalty to Trump is loyalty to the country.  He needs to pick someone not too hung-up on that constitution stuff too. Trump has said that he may have to suspend the constitution so you don't want someone who would let the constitution get in the way of getting stuff done.

Tucker Carlson or Marjorie Taylor Green? Either one would make a great VP. They both represent the mindset of the typical Republican voter these days. They are relatable to average people. They are both almost as smart as Trump, almost as well-grounded in reality, and almost as self-confident and sure of themselves and both have deep insight into what is really going on.  They are great at pointing out all the conspiracies afoot in the nation.  Carson knows when a grease fire at a potato chip factory portends the start of an attack on America's food processing infrastructure.  Marjorie Taylor Green is on top of those Jewish space lasers causing wildfire. Either one, would make a great match for Donald Trump. Neither will ever offer advice without first knowing what advice the President wants and neither will ever question his judgment.  Either will be fine with me. No matter who Trump picks for VP, it will not change my vote. I really don't have a preference. 

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