Monday, January 22, 2024

Mr Trump, look at the pictures. This is Nikki Haley; this is Nancy Pelosi.

by Rod Williams, Jan. 22, 2023- Joe Biden's decline in mental acuity is on display all the time and is
Nancy Pelosi

hard to deny.  More and more however, it appears Trump is slipping. 

Nikki Haley

Recently at a campaign rally in Concord, New Hampshire Trump said about Nikki Haley, “Nikki Haley, you know they, do you know they destroyed all of the information, all of the evidence, everything, deleted and destroyed all of it. All of it, because of lots of things like Nikki Haley is in charge of security. We offered her 10,000 people, soldiers, National Guard, whatever they want. They turned it down. They don’t want to talk about that. These are very dishonest people.”  

This is strange. Nikki Haley was Trump's UN ambassador.  She was not in Washington during the events leading up to January 6th and has never served in the Senate. Trump, it appears, thinks Nikki Haley is Nancy Pelosi. 

Trump has leveled that charge against Nancy Pelosi in the past. There is no evidence that he ever offered 10,000 national guard troops to protect the Capitol on January 6th. That claim had been examined and debunked. 

The final report by the Jan. 6 committee said: “Some have suggested that President Trump gave an order to have 10,000 troops ready for January 6th. The Select Committee found no evidence of this. In fact, President Trump’s Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller directly refuted this when he testified under oath.”

It is bad enough that Trump has authoritarian tendencies and is a liar. That he thinks he is running against Nancy Pelosi in the primary is pathetic and frighting. 


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