Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Release the full manifesto of the Covenant School shooter.

by Rod Williams, Nov. 8, 2023- By now, anyone reading this is already aware of the leaking of a portion of the Covent School shooter's manifesto. What was leaked were three pages of what is reported to be 20 journals.  The journals are said to be full of hatred for white people, and people of an above average socio-economic status. Here is a quote from the leaked pages:

"Kill those kids!!! Those Crackers going to fancy private schools with those fancy khakis and sports backpacks with their daddies mustangs and convertables… f*-you little s*ts I wish to shoot you… wanna kill all you little crackers !!!"

This leak confirms the motive of the shooter.  There had been reports from people who had seen the journals that the motive was clear and that this was a hate crime. However, the head of the TBI had said that the journals were less a manifesto than just ramblings of a crazy person and indicated no clear motive for the shootings. Others say what was released was selective and that the shooter simply hated almost everyone. 

There has been controversy over the release of the manifesto.  The police chief claims he can't release them because the release of the documents is held up in court. This is apparently not true.  The Covenant families had simply asked that the manifesto not be released until after the end of the school year, which ended on June 8th. 

In my view the full cache should be released. I think there is a motive in fighting release. Audrey Hale, the shooter, was a female who identified as male. I suspect that the politically correct do not want people to see transgenderism as a mental illness. They want to normalize gender dysphoria.  The more people talk about this tragedy, the more they are likely to examine the link between gender dysphoria and mental illness. I do not know if Hale was on hormone treatment or not, but if more light is shed on this case, we may learn that, and people may begin to question if hormone treatment contributes to mental illness.  I don't know if it does or not, but the questions should be asked. 

I also suspect that this shooting does not otherwise fit the narrative of modern liberal sensibilities. The victims of hate are supposed to be the marginalized, the less powerful, and the outcast of society. The privileged are not supposed to be victims of hate.  It is only supposed to flow one way. If the shooter had been a White, male, middle-class, Christian shooting up a Black or gay nightclub, there would be a clammer to release the hate-filled journals of the shooter. 

I don't doubt that the Covenant parents are grieving and will find continued attention to the shooting painful.  I am sure this is true for the victims of families in any case of a horrendous crime.  I would suspect that movies about the Holocaust are painful for the families of those who lost loved ones.  That does not justify banning movies about it.  The pain to the victims caused by reporting the details of the crime does not take precedence over freedom of the press and the public's right to know.  Several groups, including The Tennessean newspaper have sued the city for refusing to release the documents.  I hope they win. The full manifesto should be released. 

For more on this recent development, I recommend, TBI Chief Said Covenant Shooter’s Manifesto Showed No Clear Motive, Alleged Leaked Pages Show Otherwise published in The Conservative. Also, see link, link, and link

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