Thursday, October 05, 2023

Mayor Freddie O'Connell address the Metro Council and reports on action on the "Fifteen Fixes on Day One."

by Rod Williams, Oct. 5, 2023- This being the first meeting of the new Council there are only resolutions and bills on first reading.  When the old council goes out of business any bills in the process such as bills that had passed second reading and would have been on third, simply go away. Any bills that had been tabled just go away. The new council starts with a blank slate. 

The important part of this meeting is that Mayor Freddie O'Connell addresses the Council. His address starts at timestamp 31:50 and ends at timestamp 37:49.

It appears that Mayor O'Connell is very serious about the things he campaigned on. Durning the campaign he laid out fifteen fixes he said he would start working on, on day one. He has appointed committees to work on these with a short deadline to report back to him.  He has hired a person to work with Nashville Hub to make Metro services easier to access and more user friendly. He has initiated additional cross town bus service. He is working with Metro Schools to delay school start times. 

To read candidate O'Connell's 15 Fixes on Day One, follow the link. 

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