Sunday, May 21, 2023

Nashville Bastiat Society will host “A Personal Journey to America: Marxism to Freedom” with Ismael Hernandez, May 23


Tue May 23rd 6:00pm - 8:00pm (CDT)

Richland Country Club, 1 Club Dr, Nashville, TN 37215, USA  

AIER’s Bastiat Society program in Nashville will host an event with Ismael Hernandez, Founder and Executive Director of the Freedom & Virtue Institute.

Ismael will tell his personal story of his journey away from the ideas of Marxism and the discovery of a new way of looking at the human person and social processes. He will discuss the reasons behind his ideological conversion, as well as his ideas for a freedom revolution in disadvantaged and minority communities through a rejection of government dependency and an embrace of personal liberty, financial literacy, work ethic, self-reliance, and human dignity. Coming to America became a transformative endeavor that Ismael recounts vividly.

Eventbrite Ticket Required. Register here.

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