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Davette Blalock is running for Metro Council

Davette Blalock
by Rod Williams, May 5, 2023- I ran into Davette Blalock at a function a couple days ago and she told me she is running for Metro Council. She had just recently picked up a petition and has not yet developed a website or had any campaign materials printed but she is in the race. 

Davette Blalock is a former member of the Metro Council formerly representing District 27. She served two terms, elected to the council in 2011. Blalock's professional experience includes owning a real estate business, Blalock Services, and a Farmer's Insurance Agency. While on the Council, Blalock was a hard-working exemplary Council member. She was also an advocate for limited government and lower taxes.  

In the redrawn Council maps, Davette lives in Council District 4, which takes effect with the upcoming Council election. Most of what is the new District 4 is currently also Council District 4 but with new boundaries. For Blalock this will be a new district, except for the one prescient where she lives. For the most part, she will be facing a new set of voters.

Currently District 4 is represented by Robert Swope who is term-limited out.  Swope is an unapologetic Republican.  He is a highly visible Republican and served as Tennessee state director for the Trump campaign. Swope won his last Council race with over 61% of the vote. This district is one of those that is competitive for a Republican. 

It is good news that Davette Blalock is running for this seat.  While the Metro Council is overwhelmingly Democrat and always has been, today's Democrats are a lot more woke and progressive than Democrats a few years ago. Thankfully, there are enough Republicans and moderate Democrats in the Council to keep the Council from going totally off the deep end. One may think the Metro Council could not get much worse, but it could. There are forces at work to make Nashville more like Portland or San Francisco.

In years past, election to the non-partisan Metro Council was pretty much a local matter and party identification was pretty much irrelevant.  Now, national left-wing organizations are pushing far-left candidates. Organizations like Our Revolution, Nashville Justice League, Women for Tennessee, LGBTQ Victory Fund, Code Blue PAC and LIUNA (Laborers’ International Union of North America) work to elect left-wing candidates to the Council. For more on how these left-wing organizations worked to elect members of our Metro Council in 2019, read Look to these Council members to lead the push to make Nashville a more "progressive" city.

It matters who governs. It matters that we have some sane Democrats and a handful of Republicans on the Council. In 2020 when Mayor Cooper proposed a 34% property tax increase budget, as is usual the Council substituted their own budget for the mayors, which actually spend more money and reshuffled who got what. The Council's budget was sponsored by CM Mendez. One thing the Mendez budget did was slash money for police and public safety by $2.6 million dollars. Led by Councilman Russ Pulley, the Mendes budget was amended to add back the $2.6 million that had been in the mayor's budget. A lot of Council members abstained, and the amendment only got 21 votes, the bare minimum necessary to pass. One fewer sane Democrat or Republican and the defunding of police would have been successful. To read more about this, follow this link

As soon as Davette starts raising money, I will contribute to her campaign. If you currently live in the new 4th district, reach out to her and let her know you will be supporting her. Campaigns need lots of help. if you can help, call her and figure out what help she needs and what you can do.   If unsure if you are in the new 4th District, find out by following this link. You can email Davette at or call her at 615-485-6563.

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