Thursday, April 20, 2023

President Biden to meet with "Tennessee Three" on Monday, White House announces

by Rod Williams, April 20, 2023- The Republicans shot themselves in the foot by the ouster of Democratic Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson and Democrats and pro-Democrat news media are not letting the story die. The story has been reported all over America in local newspapers, they have been featured on the most important news shows in America like Meet the Press, This Week, and Face the Nation.  The story has been reported by the press in many foreign countries. Kamela Harris came to Nashville to meet with them and now the two Justins and Democratic Representatives Gloria Johnson, who avoided expulsion by one vote, are going to Washington for a White House meeting with President Joe Biden. 

In a CBS news story published yesterday, this was reported:

"I'm pleased to share that the president looks forward to welcoming Tennessee state Representative Justin Jones, Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson to the White House this coming Monday," said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at Wednesday's White House press briefing. Jean-Pierre said that the president had already spoken with the three lawmakers following their expulsion votes earlier this month.

"The president thanked them for their leadership in seeking to ban assault weapons and standing up for democratic values, and the three lawmakers thanked the president for his leadership on gun safety and for spotlighting the undemocratic and unprecedented attacks on them in a Tennessee state House," she said.

There is no doubt this has been a big win for Democrats. The two who were expelled where quickly sent back to the House to fill the vacancy created by their ouster, special election will cost a lot of money and the Justins are certain to win those election. The two who were expelled did not even miss a single vote.  Republican made international heroes out of three unknown representatives. The announcement that the President will meet with them was reported in all the major media.  Then when they do meet with the President that will be another major story. I expect that in 2024 at the Democrat Convention, one or maybe both of them will have speaking rolls. This is such a big win for Democrats. Republicans played into their hands. It was unnecessary.

Also see How Republicans handed Democrats a major win with expulsion of Jones and Pearson and Ouster of Tennessee Dems catapults lawmakers to national fame and left-wing heroes.

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