Saturday, March 18, 2023

What Ron DeSantis Got Right in His Ukraine Statement

 By ANDREW C. MCCARTHY, National Review, March 18, 2023- The Florida governor’s stance on the war appears generally sound, despite his making the unforced error of describing it as a ‘territorial dispute.’ ... To acknowledge that the Ukrainians are not our first-order priority is not to say that their fate is irrelevant to us. ... we are obliged to support Ukraine because we induced it to disarm, in 1994 and 2006, on the assurance of such support. No, we didn’t enter a binding treaty, but we gave our word and Kyiv relied on it, so our honor is at stake. ...  I hope Ron DeSantis takes away from this week’s unforced error, in which he described the illegal war of aggression executed by Vladimir Putin’s thuggish regime against Ukraine as a mere “territorial dispute” — as if we should remain neutral in judging the relative merits of the armed robber and his victim. (read it all)

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