Thursday, December 08, 2022

Every GOP loss is due to "election fraud?"

WH Bernstein
by WH Bernstein, Reposted from Facebook, Dec. 8, 2022 - Getting sick of hearing that every GOP loss is due to "election fraud."  It's bullshit.  And as long as people push that story, the GOP will continue to lose.  Never mind it undermines this country more effectively than the Russians or Chinese could.

Let's look at Georgia: In the general election, Kemp got 2.1M votes. Walker got 1.9M votes.

If every Kemp voter had also voted for Walker, there wouldn't have been a runoff.  Walker would have won outright.  But they didn't.  I suspect some Kemp votes were Democrats unable to stomach the anti-gun Abrams.  And I also suspect that many Republicans simply could not hold their nose enough to vote for Walker, who was just a crappy candidate.

And the proof is that in the runoff, Walker got only 1.7M votes.  If he had merely gotten all the votes he did in the general he would have won.  But his subsequent campaigning didn't help him with voters.  And the fact that the Senate was already 50-50, with Democrats controlling it, didn't encourage people to turn out.

Rod's comment: Well said. I agree.

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