Tuesday, November 01, 2022

We should be better than Paul Pelosi conspiracy theories and better than blaming the attack on MAGA extremism.

by David Marcus, The Spectator,  November 1, 2022 - ... Democrats pounced, as usual, on their claims of MAGA extremism; meanwhile, too many on the right have indulged in disgusting conspiracy theories about the assault.

... Meanwhile, Charlie Kirk — whose organization Turning Point USA has made him one of the most influential voices on the right, especially among young conservatives — took to social media to ask a “patriot” to bail out David DePape, the suspected attacker, in order to get at the truth. Aside from this sounding a lot like Kamala Harris pitching for people to bail out 2020 rioters, it would put someone who seems to be a dangerous lunatic back on the streets.

Across conservative Twitter, though thankfully not in responsible outlets, all kinds of weird conspiracies about what DePape was doing at the Pelosi residence have been bandied about. Most share in common a vilification of Paul Pelosi and an absolute dearth of anything approaching actual evidence. The general attitude seems to be that these voices don’t trust the authorities, and are just asking questions, even if the questions just happen to paint Pelosi as some kind of sex fiend. This is not good enough.

Let’s be clear: the Democrat chorus that this attack is the fault of Donald Trump and MAGA extremism is ridiculous, as are their appeals for Republicans to stop running attack ads a week before the election. By all accounts, DePape is a deranged man and there is little to suggest that anyone is responsible for his behavior but himself. 

If conservatives adopt these despicable tactics, they will lose the war for our culture and society before a shot is even fired. You beat conspiracy theories with truth and facts, not by inventing more and more disgusting conspiracy theories of your own. (link)

Rod's Comment: 

I watched the Sunday news shows and all condemned the attack and laid the blame at the feet of the supporters of Donald Trump who, they say, created an environment where this is encouraged. This is BS! Hard-hitting political ads and strong rhetoric are nothing new.  I have been around a long time and I remember when Democrats ran ads against Barry Goldwater of a girl picking daisies and then a nuclear explosion occurred because that is what would happen if people elected Barry Goldwater the ad implied. You can't get much nastier than that and it has not stopped.

While I wish both sides would tone down the rhetoric, Dems have painted Republicans as warmongers and bigots and people who would push grandma over a cliff for as long as I can remember. Demonizing the other side is not a one-way street. Both sides do it. 

Following the attack on Paul Pelosi's,  mainstream newscasters almost all condemned political ads critical of Nancy Pelosi. Whichever party wins the House will pick the next Speaker, so certainly in every house race, Nancy Pelosi is on the ballot.  She is fair game. The ads I saw attacking Nancy Pelosi were reasonable and none implied she should be subject to physical violence. I remember when Dems ran ads against Mitch McConnell. 

While all people should condemn violence, Democrats have no room for self-righteous superiority. During the Antifa/BLM violence of 2020, police were attacked and injured and killed, millions upon millions of dollars of property damage occurred, and White people were at random beat simply because they were White.  In Antifa-controlled autonomous zones, people were murdered and women were raped and good liberals stood by and understood the outrage and sent money to BLM. Don't tell me it is Republicans that created an atmosphere where political violence is acceptable. This didn't start with Donald Trump.

Don't forget the atmosphere liberal activist and the Democrat Party lap dog press created after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade.  An upset supporter of abortion rights tried to kill Judge Kavanaugh.  I did not hear libs call for moderating the outrage. 

I am dismayed at the nutty conspiracy theories circulating around this attack on Pelosi's husband and that some Republicans are implying there is more to it than what meets the eye.  I used to think Democrats were the party of naive gullible fools and the Republicans Party was the party of sane rational people. Not anymore.  I think there are more nut-jobs on the right than on the left these days.  Unfortunately, Alex Jones and Marjorie Taylor Green are now mainstream Republicans.  

(Rereading the above, I realized I used the term "fair game."  I am not implying that Nancy Pelosi is fair game as in legal deer hunting season "fair game."  One should not have to clarify that, and I am not going to make a habit of it. I am not going to be so aware of how someone else (some mentally deranged someone else) could misinterpret what I say, that I engage in self-sensorship of normal political discourse.  Saying things like a candidate is "targetted" or is "fair game," are acceptable expressions and are not a call for killing the person.)

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