Friday, November 11, 2022

TN Right to Life PAC Applauds Pro-Life Election Results

 NASHVILLE, NOVEMBER 11, 2022 - The Tennessee Right to Life Political Action Committee and pro-life Tennesseans are celebrating the outcome of Tuesday’s elections. 

Roger Kane, President of the Tennessee Right to Life PAC summed up the election results, “With the strong contingency of pro-life freshmen and the pro-life incumbents who were re-elected, the General Assembly will have a majority of members who are committed to protecting the right to life of Tennessee’s most vulnerable citizens.”  

The PAC endorsed 81 legislative candidates in the General Election (70 In the House and 11 in the Senate) and 76 of those were successful in their campaigns. Governor Lee was also endorsed by the PAC.

Kane touted the Governor’s strong stance, “Governor Lee has been a champion for life in our state. He signed the Human Life Protection Act into law in 2019, which, upon the overturning of Roe, ended abortion-on-demand in Tennessee. During his re-election campaign, the Governor publicly defended the law and made it clear that he wants it to remain as the legislature intended. He has emphasized his initiatives to assist women and their children and to strengthen Tennessee’s foster care program and adoption efforts.” 

“We are always one election away from the threat of our legislation being repealed, and we feel confident that, with this group of pro-life legislators, our pro-life laws are in safe hands,” said Will Brewer, General Counsel & Director of Government Relations for TN Right to Life.

“Tennessee Right to Life PAC appreciates the strong stand the candidates took in their campaigns.  Pro-life candidates stood boldly against abortion proponents who ran on a platform of unlimited, unregulated abortion and campaigned on overturning Tennessee’s law. When the votes were counted, the abortion agenda failed in Tennessee,” Kane continued.

Tennessee Right to Life looks forward to working with legislators and the governor to ensure that Tennessee laws represent Tennessee values and that the right to life of unborn children is respected and protected.

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