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Mick Mulvaney, former Trump chief of staff, says that fellow Republicans need to be tuning into the hearings.

Mick Mulvaney
by Rod Williams, July 8, 2022- It appears most Trumpinistas are not watching the January 6th Congressional testimony and instead are getting their information and talking points from Tucker Carlson.  If they were watching they would learn that many courageous Republican state and national figures placed love of country above love of Donald Trump and saved this country from a coup. 

Almost all of the witnesses appearing before the committee are Republicans. Many showed unbelievable courage in standing up to the President and even did the right thing when their life was threatened. Many Republicans who had even been part of his inner circle could not go along with the Trump delusion that the election was stolen and resigned rather than take part in a coup attempt. 

Mick Mulvaney who was a former South Carolina Republican congressman held the job of acting chief of staff to President Trump for more than a year. Prior to that, he had served as the director of the Office of Management and Budget.  Following the January 6th attack on the US Capitol designed to stop Congress from counting the electoral votes, Mulvane resigned.  He is quoted as saying, “I called [Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo last night to let him know I was resigning."   “I can’t do it. I can’t stay,” he said.

Since then Mick Mulvaney has not said much until this week when he spoke out and said Republicans need to be tuning into the hearings in the wake of the testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

This is a tweet he posted:

A stunning 2 hours:
1)Trump knew the protesters had guns
2)He assaulted his own security team
3)There may be a line from ProudBoys to the WH
4)Top aides asked for pardons

 "The significance of last week's Congressional Jan. 6 committee hearings cannot be overstated," he said in an article for the Charlotte Observer.   He also said his former boss was damaged goods and he would not vote for him again.

Despite no credible evidence of a stolen election and a mountain of evidence that Trump tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power and attempted to illegally hold on to the presidency, many Republicans remain true believers in Trump's version of reality.  Like a religious belief that cannot be dissuaded by logic, many Trumpinistas keep the faith. 

There are some people who still believe the moon landing was faked. Some people believe JFK, Marilyn Monrow, and Elvis Presley are together and alive and well in some secret paradise. I am sure some people still believe the earth is flat. Many true believers in Trump world will never change their mind. Mulvaney will simply be dismissed as another "RINO," or part of "the deep state," or maybe he will be dismissed as a "Marxist Fascist." 

Others, however, may listen to people like Mick Mulvaney and open their minds to the evidence. I hope so.

For more on Mick Mulvaney's comments regarding the Jan. 6 Committee hearings see this, this, and this


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