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How Metro Public Schools are pushing the Gay agenda.

by Rod Williams, July 3, 2022 -  I consume a lot of news, including local news, from a lot of sources.  Since the daily newspaper is only a shadow of what a newspaper used to be, to stay informed one must read various sources. One of those sources I always read is The Nashville Scene.  Despite their snarky, elitist, condescending, politically correct, and woke tone, the Scene does, on occasion, give you news you don't get anywhere else.  To read the Scene you may need to refer to the Liberal Speak Translation Guide, but it can be worth the effort.  

I did not know to what extent Nashville Public Schools were pushing the gay agenda until reading about it in the Scene.  The below excerpt is from the June 23rd Gay Pride issue of the Scene in an article titled, Not Too Young to Talk About It. The article reports on several organizations that are enabling sexually confused youth and promoting deviancy among young people, including Metro Nashville Public Schools. 

Metro Nashville Public Schools, for example, has made clear its support for LGBTQ students and staff. The MNPS for All campaign is geared toward providing what it calls Safe and Supportive Environments for the district’s LGBTQ community. The district has expanded its Gender and Sexuality Alliance student clubs in middle and high schools, implemented staff training and provided gender support plan templates that schools can use to help properly identify students’ pronouns.

The MNPS board has also shown support for trans students by refusing to change its policy after the state banned trans student-athletes from competing on their own gender’s teams last year. This year’s legislative session produced a new, more specific law that withholds state funds from districts that don’t determine student athletes’ genders based on the student’s sex assigned at birth. 

Additionally, the MNPS board unanimously passed a resolution “affirming the physical, mental, emotional support of all students, staff, parents and stakeholders regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.” The district’s website lists resources for LGBTQ students, such as PFLAG, the Trevor Project, the Trans Buddy program, Vanderbilt’s program for LGBTQ health and the Oasis Center’s Just Us program.

To learn more about how MNPS is promoting homosexuality and gender confusion among students, visit this link, LGBTQIA+. MNPS does not hide that they are proselytizing and promoting a gay agenda and in an April 27, 2021 resolution stated, "the District shall continue to advocate for LGBTQ people and issues in school curricula and instructional materials, including in health and sex education, inclusive of materials that portray LGBTQ figures in a positive light; the District shall ensure that the curricula include diverse perspectives, especially LGBTQ people of color and issues specific to communities of color.

Parents of modest means who may not want their child's school curricula and instructional materials to normalize deviancy are unfortunately left with few choices. If one is lucky enough to get into one of the better charter schools they may be able to avoid this indoctrination, but I don't know that. I do not know to what extent charter schools are being forced to promote the agenda. Private school is expensive. Homeschooling may be an option for some families. Homeschooling takes effort but there is more support and good off-the-shelf curriculum available than in years past. When both parents must work, however, homeschooling may not be possible.  Moving out of the county may be the best option for families who want to raise their children with traditional moral values. 



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