Thursday, July 21, 2022

An announcement of the Tennessee Freedom Summit; not an endorsement.


by Rod Williams - As publisher of A Disgruntled Republican, I often post items that I think may be of interest to the conservative, Republican, libertarian, or the greater community. Posting of a press release or an announcement of an event does not necessarily indicate an endorsement. 

Of the above personalities, some I have very little knowledge of and no impression of. Some I have a favorable impression, such as  Tori Venable of Americans for Prosperity. One of the personalities, I have a very negative impression of.  That is Laurie Cardoza Moore.  

If you recall when a Muslim congregation was attempting and eventually was successful in building a mosque in Murfreesboro, Laurie Cardoza-Moore was a leading opponent trying to stop that from happening.  The argument against it was that Islam is not really a religion and that Muslims were going to be building a terrorist training center in Murfreesboro.  I am not comfortable with someone who claims the world's largest religion is not really a religion and who wants to deny First Amendment protection to other Americans. The First Amendment also applies to Muslims. 

Today, I am more cautious of groups or people that identify as "patriotic" or "conservative," just as I am cautious of groups that promote "social justice." A lot of people labeling themselves as "patriotic" or "conservative" may be people promoting nut-job conspiracy theories, spreaders of the big lie of the stolen election, or bigots.  

It is my hope that the conservative movement will denounce nut-jobbery and bigotry and return to a movement promoting the timeless truths of conservatism.  Conservatives should not share a stage with people like Laurie Cardoza Moore.

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