Monday, April 04, 2022

The Wall Street Journal is a “typical liberal Yankee rag” says State Senator Frank Niceley

Senator Frank Niceley

by Rod Williams, August 4, 2022 -
I would venture to guess that Tennessee State Senator Frank Niceley has never actually read The Wall Streat Journal

As reported in the Tennessee Star: "Tennessee State Senator Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains), the Senate sponsor of the new legislation that establishes a residency requirement for candidates to qualify to run for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, said The Wall Street Journal is a “typical liberal Yankee rag” for its criticisms of the new measure that passed the state’s General Assembly with broad bipartisan support."

As Republicans become less conservative and more populist-nationalist I see more and more of this celebration of their ignorance. There is almost a pride in being ignorant.  I have seen Reason, WSJ, and National Review denounced as "liberal." Words are losing their meaning. It is a popular position among some "conservatives" to denounce "elites," or thinking people, or credentialed educated people as neo-cons, RINOs, or "liberals." I never did think, I was a liberal, but maybe I am. I guess I am a William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan liberal.

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