Friday, April 08, 2022

Senate Judiciary Committee Sends Obscene Books Bill To Summer Study

by Rod Williams, April 8, 2022 - Sending a bill to a summer study committee is often a way to kill a bill and sometimes that is a good thing. Sometimes it is an opportunity to make sure what is attempting to be achieved is addressed wisely and any legislation passed does not have unintended consequences and is constitutional. In any event, sending a bill to a summer study committee gives passions time to cool and people time to reflect. Some issues are just hard to resolve and need more thought. 

After passing the Senate Education Committee last week, a bill that aims to prohibit educational institutions from making materials that are considered “obscene” or “harmful to minors” available to students was stymied in the Senate Judiciary Committee when a vote to send the bill to summer study passed 6 to 3. Four out of the seven Republican Senators on the Committee voted to send the bill to summer study despite the sponsor’s plea to “deal with it today (1).”

While I don't doubt there are some really terrible books on required reading list or in school libraries, this issue does not need to be rushed. Sending the bill to a summer study committee seems to me, the right thing to do.

For more on this issue see the following:


This obscene book is in every library and school in America

Yes, there really is hardcore porn in Metro School libraries.

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