Friday, April 29, 2022

How conservative Christians in Tennessee are working to elect allies to school boards

by Liam Adams, The Tennessean, April 29, 2022-  William “Doc” Holladay felt he could no longer sit on the sidelines while Williamson County Schools implemented a curriculum he saw as misaligned with his political and religious values.

So the Franklin resident joined in protest starting in 2020 alongside other residents, such as Robin Steenman and Gary Humble. 

Humble launched an advocacy group after leading an unsuccessful recall campaign against school board members over a mask mandate. Steenman and her Moms for Liberty allies pushed to revise a district English language arts curriculum, claiming it was teaching critical race theory.

“I don’t think the stakes can be higher,” Holladay said in an interview, citing concerns about critical race theory and “age-inappropriate material.” (read more. For an article published in The Tennessean, this is informative and balanced, absent the usual obvious anti-Christain and anti-conservative bias.)

Local PAC Williamson Families endorsed 19 candidates for the upcoming county election cycle.
Several made one-minute statements at the PAC's election kickoff event on Tuesday, March 8, 2022,
at The Factory in Franklin, Tenn.

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