Friday, February 18, 2022

The New York Times: In Nashville, a Gerrymander Goes Beyond Politics to the City’s Core

 Tennessee was long known for a brand of moderate Southern politics. Nashville, a blue island in a red state, is finding that the old rules no longer apply.

By Michael Wines, New York Times, Feb. 18, 2022, NASHVILLE — Not since Patsy Cline made it a country standard in 1961, perhaps, has “I Fall to Pieces” resonated so poignantly in Music City.

Nashville has been represented by a single seat in the House of Representatives for as long as Tennessee has been a state. The seat has been held by a Democrat for 147 years.

All that was blown up this month when Gov. Bill Lee signed into law new political maps approved by fellow Republicans in the state legislature. The maps dismembered Nashville’s solidly Democratic House district and scattered its remains among three new districts that stretch deep into Republican rural areas.

... Democratic boomtown ... an advertisement for red-state values with calling cards that include the cultural juggernaut of country music ...  a credible rival to Atlanta ... Nashville’s image speaks to swing voters across Middle America .. Economically, the city is on a tear, ... (Worth reading it all at this link)

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