Sunday, February 13, 2022

Robert Swope and Jonathan Hall were the only Council Member who voted against a resolution opposing the new redistricting. Steve Clover was absent.

by Rod Williams, Update Feb. 13, 2022- In the previous version of the below post, I questioned why Steve Clover voted for the resolution urging the State legislature to reject redistricting that made the 5th Congressional District favorable for a Republican victory. He did not.  I stand corrected.  I regret the error. Steve Glover was absent from the meeting in which the subject resolution was on the agenda.   Absent from this meeting were Glover, Sledge, Vercher, and Porterfield.

Jonathon Hall
supported redistricting
Robert Swope
supported redistricting
by Rod Williams, Feb. 11, 2022-
Getting rid of Jim Cooper and eliminating the 5th Congressional District as a safe seat for Democrats has been a goal of Republican activists for years and years  At any meeting of First Tuesday or similar gatherings where Republicans gather and Republican elected leaders or Party officials address the gathering, someone was always bound to bring up the topic of redistricting.  Ten years ago, Republicans could have made the 5th competitive but kept it safe for Jim Cooper. Activists did not give up and kept up the pressure to bring about redistricting that would benefit Republicans.  

This is year, the State did it! Davidson County was split among three congressional districts all of which will lean Republican.  Jim Cooper has announced he is not seeking reelection. The Tennessean, The Nashville Scene, other liberal media, and Democrats in generals had a fit of anguish.  The move to redistricting Jim Cooper out of office was denounced loudly by all of the usual suspects.  A resolution was introduced in the Metro Council urging the General Assembly to reject the redistricting plan.  It passed by a vote of 31 in favor, to 2 opposed with three abstentions. The only "no" votes were Robert Swope and Jonathon Hall. What happened to the small handful of "good" councilmen who are Republican or suspected of being Republican? 

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