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Shame on Ted Cruze for groveling before Tucker Carlson.

by Rod. Jan. 7, 2021-
If you missed it and you want to see a grown man grovel and debase himself and lose all dignity, watch the above video where Ted Cruze kowtows to Tucker Carlson.  Even after groveling, Carlson won't let Cruze off the hook and he has to grovel some more. This is embarrassing. 

The day before the anniversary of the Jan. 6th attack on the capitol, Ted Cruz called the Jan.6th attack on the capitol a "violent terrorist attack." He went on Tucker Carlson's show and said the use of that term was "sloppy and dumb" and tries to explain why he used the term and says he should not have done so. He is made to say it again and again. 

My view of the Jan. 6th event is that it was not a nine-eleven, but with mobs overtaking the Capitol carrying zip ties and seeking out Vice President Mike Pence to hang, I am sure those who lived through the event felt terror. Maybe to call the event a "violent demonstration" is appropriate but "terrorist attack" sounds about right too.  

Throughout the summer of 2020 we witnessed Antifa and BLM-led terrorist attacks across American and the press and friends of the terrorist called what happened "mostly peaceful demonstrations." Because the left calls their terrorist "mostly peaceful demonstrators," we should not do the same.  Maybe a proper term for what happened on January 6th is a "mostly peaceful terrorist attack."

I see no reason Cruz should have gone on Carlson to clarify what he meant.  He should have let his words stand for themselves. Clearly, Cruz was not calling all supporters of Donald Trump "terrorists."  He was not calling the thousands on the mall that day "terrorist."  I have talked to people who were in Washington on January 6th and some told me they did not even know an attack on the capitol had occurred until they saw it on the news.  Those who went to Washington on that day who peaceably exercised their constitutional right to protest are not terrorists and if they, or Tucker Carlson, think Ted Cruz was calling them terrorists, then they are choosing to believe that. They are choosing to be offended.  They are politically posturing. 

At one time I was an admirer of Ted Cruz.  He was not my first choice for the Republican nominee in 2016, but was near the top in the crowded field.  If he had been the party's nominee, I would have enthusiastically supported his candidacy.

My admiration for Ted Cruz evaporated as I witnessed him suck up to Donald Trump.  In the primary campaign of 2016, Trump repeatedly referred to Cruz as "lying Ted."  Trump used the birther claim to say Cruz was not eligible to run for president, called Cruz's wife ugly, and threatened to "spill the beans," about Cruz's wife. Tump alleged that Ted Cruz's father was connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  

It is normal for candidates to fight and denounce each other during the primary and then join hands for the general election, but some things should be considered over the line.  Tump's attack on Cruze, his father, and Cruz's wife was over the line.  That should not have been dismissed as just politics. If this had been a previous century, I think Cruz should have challenged Trump to a duel.

Ted Cruze embarrassed himself by groveling at the feet of Tucker Carlson. The last remnant of any respect I had for Ted Cruze is gone.

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  1. Cruz is a spineless coward who lacks the guts to speak Truth to Stupidity if he thinks he will alienate his base. He was toast after his escape to Cancun. Good riddance to cowardly rubbish.