Tuesday, January 04, 2022

A move toward Climate realism: The EU admits nuclear and natural gas are part of the energy solution.

By The Editorial Board Wall Street Journal, Jan. 3, 2022 - Could this winter’s energy crisis be shocking Europe into climate realism? Believe it or not, the European Union is set to include nuclear and natural gas on the list of industries eligible for “green” investments. Someone please pass the smelling salts to the Sierra Club.

.... Wonder of wonders, nuclear and natural gas make the cut. The draft taxonomy released late on New Year’s Eve deems investment in nuclear power sustainable as long as the investment is made before 2045 and a plan is in place to dispose of the waste. The draft also includes natural-gas power plants built by 2030, subject to emissions limits and as long as they replace heavier-emitting plants.

The usual suspects are furious for the usual reasons. (If you are a WSJ subscriber, read it all.)

Rod's Comment: It may not be possible to significantly slow global warming, but if we

warming the planet for 47 years.

continue doing what we have been doing for the last 55 years, it is certain we will not slow it.  The world is producing more greenhouse gases; not less. The world is still warming.

Unfortunately, climate-warrior-romantic-environmentalists have been setting climate change policy and have set the US and the world on a course of more global warming. Dirty coal-burning power plants could be replaced by cleaner natural gas-powered power plants if not for "environmentalist" blocking of fracking. 

Nuclear is the most promising means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but "environmentalists" oppose nuclear and stop the building of nuclear plants that could replace coal-fired power plants.  What so-called environmentalists do that is not counterproductive is simply symbolic and ineffective and does nothing to slow greenhouse gas emissions, an example being stopping the keystone pipeline.  It is time that realist set policies that will actually slow global warming instead of leaving global warming policy to climate warrior enthusiast and romantics.

For more of my views on climate change follow this link

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