Sunday, December 12, 2021

What has happened to Tucker Carlson?

 From Rachael Larimore,Managing editor of The Dispatch:

"From Tucker with Love

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson aired a segment on his Fox News show in which he defended Vladimir

Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine as a matter of border integrity, blamed NATO for the tension between Russia and Ukraine, and painted Joe Biden as weak and as one taking orders from others. Garry Kasaparov has heard it all before—on Russian state television—and he wonders what Carolson is up to. “Putin is a hostile actor, an enemy who has repeatedly attacked American interests abroad and in the homeland. Russian hackers and disinformation campaigns target everything from racial strife to vaccine effectiveness to US elections. Why would a flag-wrapped nationalist like Tucker Carlson take Putin’s side?”'

Rod's Comment: I agree.  I have not been a fan of Tucker Carlson for a long time.  I still find him interesting and entertaining, and occasionally enjoy watching him expose liberal insanity and make liberals squirm. More and more, however, I realize I do not share many of his values.  It is sad to see so many so-called conservatives show their affection for the enemies of freedom, see them pander to the lowest common denominator,  and see a shallow populism replace what used to be conservatism.  

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