Friday, December 17, 2021

2021 Pork Report: Beale Street Irish Car Bombs. Billion Dollar Handout for Ford to Move to West Tennessee Megasite


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  1. What libertarian fantasists fail to calculate is the long term costs of allowing West Tennessee to continue to die. Look at population figures for the last four decades. Most counties in the West have lost population or remained stagnant.

    Unless we decide to keep propping up these counties, they will become bigger and bigger burdens on the state. And in those decades, no investment in jobs and technology anywhere close to the Ford deal to provide major economic stimulus for decades to come.

    While Beacon provides a valuable service and is a state treasure, one can never forget that libertarians are like Marxists. They worship sonething that doesn't exist. There is NO free market. None. Never existed. Never will. Societies limit markets because they value other things more than economic efficiency.

    So lets be happy West Tennessee has a future even at the cost of a little ideology.