Saturday, November 06, 2021

Quincy McKnight Campaign Fails to Raise Cash

Hattie Bryant
by Hattie Bryant- At you can find this statement, “An individual running for federal office must register and file financial reports when he or she raises or spends more than $5,000 in contributions or expenditures.”

This has been hard for Quincy McKnight a candidate for the Tennessee 5th District congressional seat. You may have read the two articles I wrote about him. These are easy to find: How is Quincy McKnight financing his campaign? And, Update: The Risky Business of Quincy McKnight.

As you’ll learn from my earlier posts, I am tracking this candidate because I believe that candidates like Quincy McKnight are damaging our process. His FEC filing reports show he has not been successful at garnering donations from third parties, and it appears he is using his candidacy to gain access not available to the average citizen. 

For example, at the February 2021 CPAC meeting in Orlando, many saw Quincy dining with Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mark Green. Following his return from Orlando, Quincy often bragged in local area gatherings of his CPAC meetings and dinners. It's clear CPAC occurred after Quincy declared his candidacy, but his FEC report shows no contributions/donations until May and fails to claim any late February (CPAC) expenses. Interestingly, following that dinner with Congressman Jordan, Thomas Datwyler, Jordan’s own campaign treasurer is now listed as the treasurer for Quincy McKnight for Congress. (If you read the earlier articles, you recall that a trusted local CPA who served as the original treasurer for McKnight for Congress campaign quit because Quincy did not report any donations or expenses.) 

Here’s the current FEC cash report of the candidates running for the 5th. 

I have found mistakes in the current report filed by Mr. Datwyler, and contacted him via email and voice message that I am expecting him to file an amended report to fix the mistakes. As he has not responded so far, I’ll watch and wait for Mr. Datwyler to make right the Quincy McKnight For Congress Inc. FEC report. 

Just maybe he will be the second treasurer to quit. 

 Anyone who throws his or her hat in the ring should be vetted, challenged, and questioned before anyone is asked for a donation. The good news is that Quincy McKnight is not a candidate for the Republican Party—no one is. To become a candidate a person must obtain a nominating petition when redistricting is completed. That petition requires voter signatures, and the petition must be submitted to the State Election Commission by noon on April 7, 2022. At we read, “Primary candidates must also file a duplicate of the petition on that same deadline with the chairperson of their party’s sate executive committee.” 

Voting records are public and I know from seeing Quincy’s voting records that he does not qualify to run as a Bona Fide Republican. The party state and/or county executive committees will determine this to be the case. 

If character in candidates matter, you might want to know that he still has a wife, and yet he still lives with the girlfriend. Perhaps you, like me, were told that he will marry the woman he lives with; that has not happened. I was told by a high-profile politically involved woman who is invited to the wedding that this would happen in October. According to the Circuit Court on November 3, 2021, there was a divorce file opened in 2018 that was dismissed in 2019. There is a 2020 file for divorce open but no divorce. 

As an active volunteer in the Davidson County Republican Party, I stand amazed that this campaign pretends to stand. We deserve better. 

Hattie Bryant lives downtown Nashville and is active in civic affairs. You can learn about her at 

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  1. Good to know someone takes the time to follow the FEC reports on a candidate.

    We need more people at the grassroots level who will take the time to vet these candidates.

  2. Thank you, Hattie for continuing to monitor this imposter. People are so easily led astray these days because they do not look for the facts. You are a fact finder and a truthteller, I commend you for taking on the vetting of this non candidate that is still pretending to be a candidate around Davidson County. We do deserve so much better. Pay attention People!!!

  3. Thank you, Hattie for taking the time to research/vet/and out this imposter. You are a fact finder and a truthteller. Most people do not take the time to research or go beyond a headline or a campaign cattle call. Thank you for bringing this non candidates' irregular record and marital status to our attention. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!!