Sunday, November 07, 2021

In response to demand I remove Hattie Bryant's essays, I extend an invitation to Quincy McKnight to respond.

Quincy McKnight
by Rod Williams- Yesterday, I received a call from someone whose name did not register and whose name I did not record who claimed to be an attorney representing Quincy McKnight. Quincy McKnight is a declared Republican candidate intending to challenge Jim Cooper for Congress.

The caller said the information contained in Hattie Byrant's essays regarding McKnight, published in this blog, contained false information and he demanded I remove those posts.  He said the NAACP was concerned about the post and legal action was being contemplated. At some point, the caller said my attitude was typical of that of "white people."  The call ended abruptly on an unpleasant note when I lost my cool and uttered an obscenity and hung up.

Via the person on the other end of the line, before the conversation deteriorated, I extended to Quincy Mcknight the opportunity to write an essay responding to the essays written by Hattie Bryant.  If McKnight thinks the post contains false information, I told the caller, I extend to Mr. McKnight the opportunity to set the record straight.  If he did so, I said, I would be glad to publish it.

I don't even know that the person calling even actually represented Mr. Mcknight.  Perhaps not. As a Republican,  I would think McKnight would not play the victim race card.  In any event, I would like to take this opportunity to extend to Mr. McKnight the opportunity to use this blog to reply to the essays written by Hattie Bryant. 

To read the essay's that the caller who claimed to represent McKnight demanded I remove, see these links: link, link, link

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