Thursday, October 15, 2020

It is despicable actions like this that makes me question Trump's fitness to serve.

by Rod Williams - The above is a retweet by President Trump that alleges that Joe Biden and President Obama may have had Seal team 6 killed. They were the team that took out Osama Ben Laden.  Except, the author of the tweet doesn't believe Osama Ben Laden was killed and that President Obama had to have the Seal team killed to cover up the deception that he was killed.  This is sick stuff.  This come from an article in Forbes, and the shown tweet is a retweet by Trump from an account with a history of promoting the Q-Anon conspiracy theory. This is not the first time President Trump has peddled Q-Anon sick nonsense. 

It is crap like this that makes it hard to like Trump. He retweets crazy stuff from a nut-job group.  Why does he do it. There is not enough of them to worry about their vote. Anyway, where are they going to go? Maybe stay home and not vote? So, if he gets a few nuts to vote for him who might have otherwise stayed home, by posting the tweet, more sane people who were wavering will go the other way. Not only is this an unwise political calculation but it is just wrong. 

We should not be encouraging crazy people. This is off in the far fringe of we-faked-the-moon-landing, Elvis-Marilyn-and-JFK-are-not-really-dead-but-living-in-a-secret-resort-somewhere, 9-11-was-an-inside-job, big-foot and space aliens. They make Chemtrail people look perfectly normal. They make the John Birch Society look like history scholars. They are off the charts.  They believe that Hillary Clinton and a lot of other leading Democrats are part of a vast conspiracy composed of people who are pedophiles and cannibals.  Do I believe Hillary is a crook who engaged in pay-for-play and pedaled influence? Yes.  Do I believe the Clintons enriched themselves under the guise of helping poor Haitians? Yes. Do I believe Bill Clinton was a rapist and harasser of women and Hillary enabled and covered up for him? Yes. Do I believe Hillary is one of he leaders of a massive pedophile and cannibalism ring with tentacles throughout the Federal government? NO!

Does Trump really believe this or does he just see something and without thinking and say, "yea, that sounds believable," and hits tweet without knowing the source of what he is tweeting or who is behind the conspiracy he is tweeting? Is he a believer or just irresponsible? I don't know. One excuse offered by his supporters is that he just does this to antagonize the mainstream press and liberals, that he likes to watch their heads explode. They understand Trump, they say, and I don't. I am not buying that argument. 

From time to time I question Trump's fitness to serve. Does he have the judgement or the values to be president?  If he would not do crazy stuff like this, I could like him a whole lot better. I liked the Trump of the Mount Rushmore speech and the Republican convention, but not the Trump who is pedaling Q-Anon. 

I know the big picture is more important than this issue: standing up to China, peace in the middle-east, maintaining American energy independence, curtailing the unelected bureaucratic elites, saving the economic progress of minorities, American economic well being, preserving the second amendment, appointing jurist who believe the courts should not make policy, preserving the electoral college, securing our borders, stopping the insanity of the Green New Deal, stopping the defunding of police, stopping "Medicare for All," stopping packing the Supreme Court, and ending the Antifa/BLM insurgency.  Those are important. What is a few crazy tweets compare to the future of our country hanging in the balance? 

However, his support for Q-anon is hard to swallow. I guess a lot of my Republican friends are not bothered by this. If you are a Trumper, let me ask you why this does not bother you: (1) I am bothered by it, but I ignore it because I don't want to diminish his reelection chances by condemning it, (2) I see the game he is playing and he does this just to keep the establishment liberals head's reeling, (3) I believe the stuff he tweets and there really is a cabal of pedophiles and cannibals deeply entrenched in the 'deep state,' or (4) some other rationale. Why is this OK?

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  1. Trump promised the first thing he would do was to REPLACE Obama care with a better national health care program. Republians had both Houses of Congress and the White House and not once was a health care plan brought to congress. Mexico didn't pay one cent for the wall and most of the the funds tax payers paid was to mend existing wall. The trade deficit with China has soared since Trump. Check it out.. also crime against people of color has increased by well over 200% since Trump took office. Americans are at each others throats like never before, since Trump. It's not just that Trump lies, watch his stump speeches, all he does is talk about himself or degrade other people. He lacks all sense of humanity. He even coddles racist groups. He speaks about Antifa, and make no mistake, Antifa stands for Anti-fascist. Our country stands for Anti-fascism, that's who we are. Both the CIA and the FBI have reported that it is the racist groups the white supremacist that present the biggest problem to the United States, not antifa. But Trump wont speak out against them. We have lost the respect of our allies all the while Trump caters to Putin. How is that possible.putin is a far greater threat than the Green New Deal