Saturday, October 17, 2020

Civil Unrest advisory: East Nashville, Oct. 17th, all day.

Civil Unrest advisory: Please be mindful to avoid East Nashville today where there is BLM mural painting party. While promoted as peaceful event, any gathering of this nature has the potential to turn violent. If you must travel in that vicinity, it is advised that one be prepared for self defense. 

This advisory also extends to I-24 on the east side of town in the vicinity of Main St, between approximately Shelby Ave and Spring St. If the rhetoric at the BLM mural painting party incites the crowd, the insurgents may decide blocking interstate traffic would be a good target for taking out their frustration. 

The danger of civil unrest is heightened by a large number of women effected by Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) who are ending their separate march at the BLM mural painting party location. People with TDS are incapably of rational thinking and may be aggressive but more likely to be a threat to themselves by stepping into a lane of traffic as a means of protest. If you must be on the roadways and encounter people with TDS walking into the roadway, try to avoid hitting them. Remember they are blinded by hatred to President Trump and are incapably of rational thought.

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