Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Mayor Barry's resignation speech. My thoughts.

While I am pleased to see Mayor Barry do the right thing and resign, I take no joy in her humiliation. What she did was wrong and she should have known better. Anyone in today's environment knows it is inappropriate for a person in a supervisory position to have a sexual relationship with someone of lower rank. Also, the having of an affair at taxpayer's expense is inexcusable. As a former ethics consultant to companies, of all people, she should have know better. The investigations should continue to determine the extend of misappropriated funds and to determine if criminal charges are warranted.  Wanting the truth to prevail and justice served however is different than gloating. While I disagree with her politics I don't doubt she loves our city. Despite bringing this on herself she still deserves compassion. There are a lot of people who would yield to temptation or abuse their position if put in a position where it was easy to do so.  She is human.  I am not sure she is much worse than many of us. The loss of her son last year and now being forced from office calls for compassion.  Watching Megan Barry resign, I feel much the way I felt watching televangelist Jimmy Swaggert  fall from grace many years ago, or  the same way I felt when I watched President Richard Nixon resign in disgrace.  It is not an occasion for celebration but an occasion for sadness.

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